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Booking for a seminar.

So you've read through the site, you've become concerned and/or curious,
and now you want the full effect of the seminar.

The general plan of the seminars is to scare you, then make you laugh, and finally to make you understand. This is not as complicated a subject as it most likely appears and after this little talk you will feel much better about the level of control you have of the households ugliest appliance.

The Seminar cost is $30 dollars per parent, although its often significantly less if we get both parents (which is always a good idea to provide a united front at home.)
Sorry but children, (with the exception of very small ones) are not welcome. They are already too smart about computers without our adding to the problem.
A seminar lasts for 1.5 - 2 hours, and at the end refreshments (tea/coffee etc) are provided.
At present they are held once a week on a Wednesday night (7pm), but if there are enough requests we can move to another night or start a second weekly lecture on the Tuesday.

At present we don't have an online booking method available, but we're working on it.
For now, just email:
Or call:
(08) 9472 7212
And ask for Charmaine or Frank.

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