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Why this is necessary.

During my more then 10 years involvement in the computer industry, I have repaired hundreds of computers damaged in one way or another by virus's, spyware, crackers and other malicious Internet content.
I have also helped many youngsters remove their personal details from listings on the Internet after they inadvertently revealed those details in instant messengers, chat programs, mailing lists and the like.
It was the latter experience that convinced me to stop treating the symptoms and start trying for a cure.
Since there is no "all on one" cure-all available for this, the only real answer is educating the parents on how to stop their children (and themselves) from revealing themselves to the web at large.
We have all heard stories of pedophiles roaming chat rooms pretending to be teenagers or children and I don't need to tell you how dangerous that can be. That's why educating the parents is so important.
Young people on the whole, are far too trusting!
Used properly, the Internet is a fantastic resource packed with information and entertainment. However the Internet is an anonymous platform for the most part. So it's very important to ensure you maintain your own and your childrens anonymity as well.

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