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Useful resources to keep you informed and empowered.

Here we will create and maintain a list of resources you can use to stay informed on current problems and issues regarding any of the topics covered by the seminars and this site.

Virus and Hoax searchable database


(This form is a link to the Symantec database, the full path to it is listed below.)

Symantec searchable database, Any time you get an email telling you to delete certain files from your PC, or an email offering you $200 to send emails. check it out here first. Just enter a small key phrase from the email into the search box.

Scamorama, Potentially dangerous online scam information site.

Scam victims support site, In case you thought noone falls for this stuff. :-)

Firewall guide, Excellent information site about firewalls and general PC security.

CNN Report, Nice user friendly overview of some spyware methods.

Spyware and dialer software details, A comprehensive list of hundreds of spyware or dialer methods and programs.

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